Study your team and your opponent with the most advanced match analysis software.

Fully customizable coding at different levels of depth for any soccer game or training session. Positional coding available.

Matches coded with positional data can be analyzed at impressive level of depth per team, player, match interval or technical detail. The results of the query can be easily exported to produce videos or clip collections.



Share the video that summarizes the characteristics of the team to analyze with your players and staff and display it on a PC, Mac, or any mobile devices.


VideoMatch allows quick cataloging (or tagging) of the most significant actions of the match (or about training moments) using types of events fully customizable.


The search and selection of actions to be exported is an extremely quick and easy operation.


Create your tagging panels starting from those supplied with VideoMatch. Choose which buttons to add, their graphic appearance and the automatisms to be applied (e.g. Offensive Action of a team can generate a Defensive Action for the other team).


Quickly search through your tags on one or more games and create playlists. Export videos to show your team or players by individual clips or unique files.


Insert titles and subtitles, transitions between clips, underline with sophisticated graphic objects (areas, lines, arrows, player names, light cones,…) the most significant tactical features.

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